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The Club

The Moddey Dhoo MCC officially formed and took to the road on 13th July 1993. Back then times were different: it was just a small group of friends who spent more time drinking than riding.

Over the years, through many parties held here, rallies attended there, good times and bad, the club has changed from what it once was to what it has become today.

That said, the Moddey Dhoo have long stood by four key principles which we like to think sums up what we are about:

To enjoy all aspects of motorbiking in the company of like-minded people

To attend and organise social functions as a group

To help other members in any way possible

To have a bloody good time

The club has a Chairman, a Vice-chairman and a Treasurer who are elected annually. Currently these poor folk are filling these appointments, Diane because she can count and the other two because no-one else is mug enough.

Brian Corrie


Bill Lawrence

Vice- Chairman

Diane Reeves


The Name

"Moddey Dhoo" is Manx Gaelic and translates as "Black Dog".

The corridor between the guardroom and the Captain's chamber in Peel Castle was haunted by an apparition in the shape of a black devil dog, so feared by the soldiers that they would only walk in pairs.

One night, a drunken soldier walked alone, and encountered the Moddey Dhoo. So terrible was his death that the passage was sealed, and never used again.

Legend has it that the Moddey Dhoo still roams...

This is a video of the legend in Manx, subtitled in English

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