Moddey Dhoo MCC

  A motorcycle club based on the Isle of Man - Est. 1993

So what's new with the Moddey Dhoo?

The club was sorry to hear that Ashley Hedges has passed.  A long-time friend of the club, he will be missed by many.

As usual, there was a great turnout for Remembrance Day, and Aidan showed the rest of them how to lay a wreath properly.  Hopefully, they'll get the list into a proper order for next year!

Tickets are now available to the Late Xmas Party - click here for details and the Hydro information.  For tickets try [email protected] 

The  calendar through the end of January is now on the Dhoos page, and also on our Facebook page for those who use it.

Aidan - setting the example, as ever!


Speaking of Aidan...