Moddey Dhoo MCC

  A motorcycle club based on the Isle of Man - Est. 1993

So what's new with the Moddey Dhoo?

Tickets for the Late Xmas Party are now available!  To pay via PayPal, go to the web store.  If you want to pay by cheque, email [email protected] 

Our Memorial Run had a good turnout as always, remembering those who no longer ride with us.  Some photos here courtesy of Snaps, more can be found here.

The bike show had a phenomenal number of visitors, especially considering the racing, and the different site only caused a little bit of confusion!  A few pictures here, and bigger selections here and here

The  calendar through the end of December is now on the Dhoos page, and also on our Facebook page for those who use it.

What is it they say?  Only a biker understands why a dog sticks its head out the window!