Moddey Dhoo MCC

  A motorcycle club based on the Isle of Man - Est. 1993

So what's new with the Moddey Dhoo?

Winter draws in, but we're still about and doing our runs on a Sunday.  One o'clock at the grandstand will find us, unless the weather's shit, in which case we'll probably be in the pub.

We've also got a few dhoos coming up, although it seems unlikely that anyone will be allowed from across for the Late Xmas Party.

We had a party for Big Bob Western, which was a real celebration of his life! We'll also be doing a run for Bob at some point to be decided when his UK family can join us.  We'll let you know here.

New calendar until end January is up, and you'll find it on the Dhoos page above or by clicking here

See also our Facebook page for those who use it.