Moddey Dhoo MCC

  A motorcycle club based on the Isle of Man - Est. 1993

So what's new with the Moddey Dhoo?

The legendary Late Xmas Party has come and gone, and a great time was had by all - pictures in Recent Photos!

The club were invited to visit Douglas town hall by the mayor to recognise our work in the community.  There was beer and it was interesting to look around.

Bryan and Heather are getting married!  They met on Bryan's epic Alaska trip last year and she seems to like him for some reason.  No accounting for taste...

Before you know it TT will be here, so if you're visiting don't miss our bike show at Peel on the Thursday of Race Week - that's 6 June - details here if you want the promo.

The  calendar through the end of March is now on the Dhoos page, and also on our Facebook page for those who use it.


Some Americans who got lost...  Bryan claims they followed him home...