Moddey Dhoo MCC

  A motorcycle club based on the Isle of Man - Est. 1993

So what's new with the Moddey Dhoo?

And just like that - it's TT 2018!  Come and see us at the bike show in Peel the Thursday of Race Week, starting at 11.  Plenty of bike parking, and a car park at the top of the hill.

2018 is our 25th anniversary, so we're looking forward to a celebratory trip to Scotland at the end of June.

And with a vote taken, Toothpick gets his patch at last, and in one fell swoop cuts the average age of the club in half.  Elliot has given up his status as youngest member!

The  calendar through the end of July is now on the Dhoos page, and it's also on our Facebook page for those who use it.

TT Bike Show 2018

The TT Bike show will be at Peel again this year, on Thursday 7 June (in Race Week).  You can find more information here, and download a flier here.